I, Zion Blackhand, sincerely ask the permission and understanding that what I am doing is out of true love,
peace and understanding.

In it's basic form, this is about a harmonica for each and every family who has lost a love one in this bitter
and cruel thing we call war.

I play the harp to absorb some of the everyday harshness of the world. I can use it to be hard and
gritty or I can change it to be a soft comfort to the heart. I have been a fire fighter, an Iron worker and an
environmental protectionist. I have been held at gunpoint, outnumbered, crushed by a 2000lb steel truss,
but through it all, it has been the harmonica that has stood the test of time.

This is very personal to me and my heart. To much to say now, but as my solemn word, "Harps For Heroes"
is for those who will never be able to come home and kiss the ground they were born on. And again
my deepest sympathy to all the families of all soldiers who have done an unforgiving job.

With my deepest respect,

Zion Blackhand.